Interreg cooperation slovenia italia

MEDS GARDEN approved

LIVE GREEN proudly announce that the project MEDS GARDEN, which has been submitted to the 1st call for proposal on programme Slovenia-Italy, was approved by the Joint Secretariat on 28th of June 2017. LIVE GREEN will join the meeting with Joint Secretariat organized on 10th of August 2017, where additional information about project will be […]

Mediterranean garden


LIVE GREEN was involved in the preparation of the project MEDS GARDEN, which was submitted in the first call for proposal on programme Slovenia-Italy. Lead partner of the project is Cooperative Agraria from Slovenia, which has long term experience with promotion of local products, while third partner from Slovenia is Municipality Koper, who is one […]

Interreg cooperation slovenia italia

Italy-Slovenia cooperation programme

Cross border cooperation programme Italy-Slovenia is organizing its final event for the programming period 2007-2013. The event will take place on 9th of June 2016 in Udine and will highlight the results of the programming period 2007-2013, the principal contents of the new Programme 2014-2020 and the main information related to the first call for […]

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Live green history

LIVE GREEN – CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT has officialy started its business in 2016, by re-structuring from the previous cooperative PIKAPOLONICA  z.o.o. LIVE GREEN is founded by two experience non-profit organizations (INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT MURSKA SOBOTA and SLOVENIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE INTEGRATED PRODUCTION OF VEGETABLES) with who LIVE GREEN also share […]