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Live green history

LIVE GREEN РCENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT has officialy started its business in 2016, by re-structuring from the previous cooperative PIKAPOLONICA  z.o.o. LIVE GREEN is founded by two experience non-profit organizations (INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT MURSKA SOBOTA and SLOVENIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE INTEGRATED PRODUCTION OF VEGETABLES) with who LIVE GREEN also share its resources when implementing projects. Both founders have exceptional experience when it comes to implementation of EU funded projects, where they have been cooperating in many cross-border and also transnational projects dealing with ICT, Agriculture, Tourism and Culture Heritage.

Even though LIVE GREEN doesn’t have experience with EU funded projects, those experience can be drawn from both founders and experts which are surrounding the cooperative. LIVE GREEN core capacity is based of more than 10 qualified and highly experienced persons working on leading edge international projects, with knowledge of foreign languages and minimum university degree. Some of the team members were active in evaluation of EU funded programmes under research programme FP6 and FP7, thus experienced with rules of implementation of EU projects.